Remove Plsex

Plsex is a porn-dialer that uses your computers modem to dial long distance high-cost numbers in order to connect to pornographic websites. Plsex may be installed without your knowledge or consent, and often installs due to visiting questionable websites.

Plsex may also place additional malware on your computer, which is a malicious piece of software that causes problems with your PC, and sometimes personal information as well. It may collect information about your online searches and activities in order to sell this information to third parties. Malware may cause your operating system to become unstable. Your PC may become slow or even crash. This software runs continuously in the background, using up valuable system resources and memory.

To remove Plsex, you may go to the add/remove programs in your control panel. Additionally, you may search for related files in the Windows registry in order to delete them. However, manual removal is not advised due to the risk of damage to your PC. A reputable antispyware product like Spyzooka will automatically remove Plsex and all other parasites with a simple scan.


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