Remove SecureVeteran

SecureVeteran is a rogue security program designed to alarm the user into believing that infections exist on their PC.  SecureVeteran invites the user to scan their PC for infections, then claims it will remove these parasites.  Files displayed are completely harmless, and SecureVeteran has no ability to remove any parasite or infection.  The purpose of this scam is to persuade users into purchasing the full product.  SecureVeteran affects your system operation, will cause your computer to become slow or unstable, and may access private information.

Recommended Action:
Immediate Removal

Secure Veteran

Manual Removal:
Manual removal of SecureVeteran requires killing all running processes, then locating all related files and values in the Windows registry and other locations.
Manual removal is not an easy process, and puts your computer at risk of damage.  To remove SecureVeteran automatically, it is advised that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka,
which is intended for this purpose.

Related Files:
SecureVeteran.exe uninstall.exe SecureVeteran.lnk 1 SecureVeteran.lnk 2 Homepage.lnk 3 Uninstall.lnk ucw2.tmp 1049zha5k9ool76a.dll 111089ot-a-v5ruz7f2.exe 111539zoj627.bin 11607spy359z.
exe 1f9fdownzo5der1271.dll 1z0fs9yware21825.cpl 1z5245pambot52d9.dll


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  1. Jessica Collins says:

    I used SpyZooka for 2 years. I had it on my laptop and desktop with Windows Vista and 7. It has always worked great for me! I would recommend this to all my friends!

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