Remove Win PC Defender – Another Rogue Application

Win PC Defender is a clone of the infamous XP Police Antivirus, and should be removed as soon as detected. This rogue application is just another ploy to frighten users in to purchasing the fake product to remove infections and restore security to their pc. Win PC Defender cannot detect threats or other infections, and certainly won’t do anything to restore security to your computer. Immediate removal is highly recommended.

There are many malicious applications that are designed to entice the user to purchase their product in order to return their pc to normal. These programs will not produce results, and any and all results displayed about so-called “free scans” are totally fabricated. Scan results are made up, and every pc user who is a victim gets the exact same results. Win PC Defender is usually installed through a trojan disguised as video codec. When you begin receiving security alerts via pop-up windows, beware. Fake antispyware applications can ruin the integrity of your computer system.

Many people attempt to remove malicious software manually, but this can lead to further damage. If you are not highly qualified for a process like this, you may miss files that require deleting or delete files that should be left intact. Professional removal with a reliable antispyware tool is the best way to be sure that these noxious programs are removed. Unless you are an expert, don’t try to remove Win PC Defender yourself.

Win PC Defender can block your attempts to connect to the internet, and can even prevent other antispyware tools from working. This is malicious malware that you do not want to mess with. Like spyware, these applications can cause damage to your pc. Any infections or security threats can cause you personal problems as well, as many can gain access to information such as passwords, online business accounts, and credit card numbers.

How will you know if spyware resides on your pc? The most common symptom is irritating pop-up ads that bombard you constantly. Your browser may redirect to strange websites, your homepage may change, and your computer performance may become very sluggish. Frequently you will think you have exited out and things are back to normal, but most spyware and fake applications like Win PC Defender will return when Windows is started again.

Spyware collects information about you and your activities when you are online, which makes it urgent that it be removed. You will probably notice that pop-up ads and spam emails are related to your interests, and this is no accident. This comes from the information that these applications gather about your activities.

In order to restore security and prevent future threats, all parasites must be totally removed. Spyzooka is the only tool that guarantees 100% removal of all trojans, worms, infections and other parasites. Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed, so try a free scan today!

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