Removing Awmdabest: Spyzooka Knows Best

Awmdabest is a simple ploy to get you to purchase from aggressive 3rd party advertisers that have no qualms with malware designers. Would you knowingly choose to do business with someone who supports the QLowZone-25 Trojan installation? Probably not. Spyzooka can easily remove anything associated with Awmdabest.

If you have noticed Awmdabest on your computer, it is probably the least of your worries at this point. Awmdabest features banner ads, pop-ups, and pop-unders. When you click on one of their ads, the website makes a profit. There is no telling what other kinds of “cookies” the adware they feature includes. Awmdabest may reset your homepage to their website. You might notice that your computer has slowed down. Can you hear your hard drive working even when you have no programs on? This is a sign of spyware updating through a backdoor channel on the sly.

At best, Awmdabest is a gateway for 3rd party affiliates to track all of your browsing habits. Usually, the affiliates will adjust their advertising to suit your tastes. There is also a chance that your information could be used for criminal acts like identity fraud and credit card theft. It’s next to impossible to track the hackers that do this much less where they are getting their information from.

You need to remove Awmdabest from your computer immediately. This shouldn’t be too hard. The real concern should be what else is lurking in hidden corners. This job is best left to a reliable anti-spyware program. Spyzooka has the technology to get rid of any additional malware that you downloaded from this website. Plus, it will run a scan for the QLowZone-25 Trojan.

Removing programs such as Awmdabest is no small job. Spyzooka is one of the only anti-spyware programs that have received a Tucows 5 Cows Award (the Oscars of software developing). Most anti-spyware programs just can’t keep up with all the latest trends in malware. We stand behind a 24 hour removal guarantee. For only $29.95, you can surf the Internet with peace of mind for the whole year.

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