RiverAd – Just What We Need, More Irritating Pop-Ups!

Are you having trouble with pop-up ads? It seems that they are in your way constantly. You may have RiverAd or other advertising software installed on your pc. Although you may be able to live with the annoying advertisements, you don’t want to live with the other problems it can cause. Need to know more? Keep reading. You will soon understand why eliminating this from your pc is absolutely necessary.

Adware is software that is placed on your computer maliciously. You usually don’t download it purposely, but it “sneaks” through with other files you download. There are also other signs of being infected that you may notice, such as a slowing of your pc or a changed homepage. Once you begin seeing these things, you can be almost sure you have it. You want to remove it immediately, and here’s why.

Advertising software such as RiverAd have the ability to track what you do online. Your searches, websites you visit, even business transactions can be accessed. Can you see what a threat this poses? It can be so severe that you suffer identity theft. While not all adware programs carry such a high risk, some do. You may also think it strange that the advertising displayed to you is related to your online searches. This is no accident!

So, how do you remove this nasty software from your pc? Use a reputable anti-spyware product. While there are many to choose from, make sure that you don’t download a program from advertisements that pop up. These are usually fakes, and they will try to frighten you into purchasing their product by warning you of severe threats and security problems with your computer. Please don’t fall for these scams.

Is your pc acting strangely? You may very well have advertising software installed on your computer. If you believe RiverAd or some other undesirable software is causing problems with your pc, click here for a free scan now.

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