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SystemDir.Searchbar is a home page hijacking software that redirects your searches to searchbar.html.  The files are detected as Adware.SafeSearch.  The software displays a customized search box and sends your searches to About Casino, Health, Shopping, Travel, Electronics, Finance, and Sports.  Searchbar  normally adds a search toolbar to Internet Explorer and in some cases, causes your address bar to disappear.

Although it is not likely, in rare cases, genuine search enhancement software may add searchbar.html.  It is important that you DO NOT delete SystemDir.searchbar.html unless you are positive that you want to remove it.

If you want to be sure that are you not deleting critical information that your PC needs to run properly, anti-virus software is a necessity to detect and remove only the files that contain adware.  Attempting to remove spyware, adware or other malicious threats on your own could result in permanent damage to your PC and expensive repair costs.

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