Schmipro is a porn dialer that connects to questionable and adult sites through the modem of your PC. The premium cost numbers dialed will be charged to your telephone bill if connected. Schmipro may also cause your operating system to become unstable, may change your system files, or place additional malware on your PC. Malware may gather information about your online searches, as well as personal information related to business accounts, credit cards, etc. Schmipro often gets installed by visiting websites that contain adult-related or pornographic content. To remove Schmipro manually, you may detect files in your Windows registry and delete them, or try using the add/remove programs in your control panel. Manual removal is not advised because of the level of difficulty, and risk of permanent damage to your PC. To remove Schmipro and all other parasites, Spyzooka is recommended. It is the only legitimate antispyware tool that guarantees complete removal of all infections with one scan.


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  1. Mychelle Evans says:

    My anti virus found Dialer.Schmipro.A. This thing wanted me to buy a registry key to fix/remove and a pop-up box with some warning kept coming up whenever I tried to open IE. I don’t know how to format and I needed to buy the windows XP media center edition to re load it then figure out how; I wanted to keep my favorites etc if possible but I’m no computer guru so I don’t even know how to do basic stuff in some cases. Thanks to your site the computer is clean. I hope you will have a long life, because I don’t know how should I handle this viruses without your help.

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