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Search4Top is a Browser Helper Object adware program that has infiltrated your computer hard drive and displays unwanted pop-up ads.  Some of these ads may be pornographic in nature.
Search4 Top will also direct you to unwanted websites.  Search4Top may also have the ability to retrieve personal information in order to send targeted advertisements that directly relate to your browsing habits.
Search4top may also block or redirect preferred network settings, and can negatively impact your computer’s performance and stability.  If you want to remove this spyware from your computer, it is highly recommended that you use a reputable and reliable anti-spyware program such as Spyzooka.  Spyzooka has the experience in cleaning computers and ridding users of unwanted spyware.

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  1. Kian Buckley says:

    SpyZooka scans fast and finds more then I thought it would with no false positives. I love this program!

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