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SearchSprint is a spyware program disguised as a toolbar add-on for your browser.  It was first discovered on March 25 of 2005.  It is distributed by Roings, Inc. and is powered by the web server,

SearchSprint is installed on your computer either manually or as part of an ad-supported freeware bundle.  It typically bundles with IstBar, Internet Optimizer, BargainBuddy and Apropos.  It hijacks your browser by creating hyperlinks to its affiliate sites on the web pages you visit.

It also has spyware capabilities.  According to its EULA, you agree that you “…understand that this software will document email address that I type into forms on any webpage viewed. These emails are used, and not combined with any other personal information, and used to offer me products in my email that i might be interested in.”  Also, it says that “whenever an email address is typed into a form, that email address may be documented and sent to for marketing purposes.”  This is a flat-out admission of using spyware on your computer.

The activity of SearchSprint can seriously slow down your computer’s performance.  It can also potentially cause your Internet browser to crash.  It also presents a potential privacy risk.  Any supposed benefits it promises, such as hyperlinks to other web pages created on the page that you’re on, are not worth compromising your computer and your privacy.

If you are infected with SearchSprint, you should remove it immediately with SpyZooka.

Also Known As: No known aliases

Spyware Type: Toolbar, Browser Hijacker, Data Miner

Associated Files:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftinternet explorertoolbar{aee46806-2c5a-4a4e-a5dd-b4531f64a187}

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