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Seek99 is an adware program disguised as a toolbar add-on for your browser.  It was first discovered on February 1 of 2004.  It is distributed by, and is powered by the web server,  This website is currently shut down, but it is not indicative of the company going out of business or the removal of the Seek99 threat.

Seek99 is installed on your computer manually or as part of a freeware bundle supported by advertisements.  It displays pop-up advertising from its affiliate websites.  It can also place a banner ad at the bottom of your browser screen.

The activity of Seek99 can seriously slow down your computer’s performance.  It can also potentially cause your Internet browser to freeze or crash.  Any supposed benefits it offers are not worth compromising the functionality of your computer.  The benefits in this case are that it supposedly helps you work with Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.

If you are infected with this program, you should remove it immediately with SpyZooka.  While there are other means to remove Seek99, SpyZooka has proven to consistently and completely remove this threat from your computer.

Also Known As: Seek99 Toolbar, seek99 Pay Per Click toolbar, Adware.Seek99

Adware Type: Toolbar

Associated Files:
seek99.dll in Windows\system32\
seek99.dll in Windows\system\
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\{22998d24-b789-4ca2-a7fc-cd7ce7deb14c}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\{7c24a476-8b03-46ed-8ccf-ce8ae7213c99}

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