ShifterPE Spyware Profile

ShifterPE is a generic designation for two spyware programs, one designated as .a, and the other as .b.  The Downloader program bypasses the security measures on your computer, such as your firewall, to download other spyware or adware programs on your computer.  Specifically, it can download the ShifterPE Browser Hijacker.

The Browser Hijacker version of ShifterPE disguises itself as a browser add on, such as a tool bar, to infect your computer while making you think it is a useful tool.  This program monitors your browsing behavior and uploads the information to a remote server.  This information is then processed, and targeted advertisements are delivered to your PC as you are browsing.  Most browser add ons will reset your home page and redirect your browser while you surf.

Due to the invasive methods of infection and browser monitoring, it is highly recommended that you remove ShifterPE as soon as you notice it.  SpyZooka is our recommended program to remove this infection.

Also Known As:
[Win32.]Spyware.ShifterPE.B (CounterSpy);
[Win32.]Winshow.BR (EZ Antivirus);
[Win32/]SillyDL!Said!Trojan (InoculateIT);
[Trojan-Downloader.]Win32.Agent.bc (Kaspersky);
[Win32.]Adware.Iefeats (Symantec);
[Win32.]Winshow.BR, ShifterPE.A (Sunbelt),
[Win32.]Spyware.ShifterPE.A (CounterSpy);
[Win32.]Winshow.BS (EZ Antivirus);
[W32/]Agent.YS (F-Secure);
[Win32/]Winshow.BR!Trojan (InoculateIT);
[Trojan-Downloader.]Win32.Agent.bc (Kaspersky);
[Troj/]Adware.Iefeats (Symantec); [Troj/]Iefeat-AI (Sophos);
[TROJ_]AGENT.NA (Trend); [Win32.]Winshow.BS,
W32/Agent.NX (F-Secure), TROJ_DLOADER.LM (Trend),
Win32.Spyware.ShifterPE.A (CounterSpy),
Win32/Winshow.79974!Trojan (InoculateIT),

Associated Files:

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