How to Speed up Your Slow Computer

Kicking Your Slow Computer Into High Gear

In today’s fast-paced world, few can tolerate a slow computer. This is why even a two-year-old computer can be considered old. As new technology is developed, computers get faster and faster. And now that most computer users are accustomed to computers that obey every click in nano seconds, few of us can put up with a slow computer.

There are several reasons computers are slow. Sometimes the computer is just old. Technological advances are being made on a regular basis; older computers just don’t have the ability to function as fast as the new ones.

Another cause of a slow computer is that the system is overloaded with files. This requires defragmenting and some simple clean-up. You can defrag your hard drive by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmentation. What this does is clean up fragmented files on your hard drive and reduces the amount of space they consume.

Discarding unwanted programs on the startup menu is another way to get rid of some of the garbage programs that jam up the computer’s performance capabilities. To stop programs from starting on Windows startup go to Start > Run > type msconfig > click ok > click the Startup tab > from here you can stop programs from starting on Windows startup. Be careful you don’t stop an essential program from starting up. And if you’re confused by what a program might be search Google to find out more information about it.

You can also use a free program to clean up your pc, it’s called ccleaner and you can download it here

Spyware is yet another cause of a slow computer system. As the Internet continues to grow, this has actually become a major contributing factor when it comes to the high number of slow computers that exist.

Spyware’s Ability to Hinder Computer Performance

There are many different types of spyware that exist. All have a detrimental effect on your computer. Adware is one of the main types of spyware that tends to slow computers, sometimes to the point of being useless.

Adware is generally downloaded with other useful programs. Many times a computer user will breeze through the fine print of the download agreement, skipping over the part that mentions that adware will be installed onto your computer the minute you download the program.

Popups are the worst part of adware. As the adware causes a decrease in system performance, it also bombards you with popups, making it even more difficult to use your computer. Even worse, these popups can carry more spyware within the advertisements. These popups can be so incessant that you are able to get virtually nothing accomplished, because you are spending more time closing ads than getting actual work done.

In less obvious cases, spyware can work in the background of your system, hijacking your web browser and changing your computer settings. These factors are definite contributers to a slow computer. While protecting your identity from hackers is paramount in this situation, keeping your computer system in tip-top shape remains important.

Ramping Up Your System

Lucky for all computer users, there are ways to clean out a slow computer. The best way to go about this is with the use of antispyware software. This software will not only speed up a slow computer, it will protect it from all types of spyware.

Choosing the right antispyware software is the tricky part. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are making your selection:

* The program should offer 100% spyware removal guarantee.

* The company should have good customer support available.

* Updates should be provided?daily in order to combat new spyware that is created.

* The software should be easy to use. Good antispyware software is made for the everyday computer user.

Don’t give up hope on your slow computer. Try installing antispyware software and ccleaner and breathe some life back into that computer.

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