Spyware Profile for ActualNames

ActualNames is spyware that infiltrates your PC and will hijack your browsers.  It targets specifically Netscape, Internet Explorer and AOL browsers.   ActualNames will also provide you with the additional headache of interfering with your email.  ActualNames is bundled with KazaaMate and the suspicion is that it is installed by ActiveX drive-by download from some pop-ups. ActualNames has the ability to update itself via the Internet.
ActualNames has security holes in its program and should be removed immediately from your computer.  It is highly recommended that you find a quality anti-spyware remover program such as Spyzooka to rid yourself of this useless program.

Associated Files:
cliner.exe, finddll.dll, findservice.exe,
mailbook.exe, mailbookproxy.dll,
mydll.dll, nn7dll.dll, nndll.dll,
spredirect.dll, update.exe,
updater.exe, updaterproxy.dll

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