Spyware Profile for Breplibot

Breplibot is a backdoor program but it also has bot capabilities. It can connect to several IRC servers and waits for commands from the creator of the backdoor program. This program can remain hidden and will try to use Sony DRM software for conceal its process, file and registry keys. This is a significant threat to your system so removing it quickly is of high importance.

You are able to remove this malware and even additional malware that may have also been installed with SpyZooka, the spyware cleaner. This product is trusted and has been used on thousands of computers with great success. You can try SpyZooka risk-free because the makers, ZookaWare, offer a money back guarantee.

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  1. Connie Rodriguez says:

    I have been having problems since yesterday. I was getting pop ups saying safety alert and then sites would open up offering virus protection etc. The desktop background was going white and automatic updates were turning off themselves.
    I ran avg which is on the pc as well as spybot, a-squared, smitfraudfix, mcafee rootkit.
    The safety alert pop ups have stopped but now I get unwanted websites opening up everytime I click a link etc
    I had to download Breplibot Remover and now i guess my computer is fine, thanks to Spyzooka.

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