Spyware Profile for BusConquerer

BusConquerer is a RAT or Remote Administration Tool. This program is a tool that is often used by malicious hackers. If you are infected with BusConquerer, your computer will essentially be hijacked and controlled by a third party. They will be able to turn your computer on and can turn it off. They can run programs. They will be able to extract vital information, as well, for their own malicious purposes. BusConquerer can also install additional malware.

You can save your computer from this nasty program with SpyZooka. SpyZooka is a spyware removal program that can get rid of BusConquerer and any additional malware you might have on your system. SpyZooka offers a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Also Known As:
Bus Conquerer

Spyware Type:
RAT (Remote Administration Tool)

Associated Files:
bus conquerer.exe

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  1. Harrison Nelson says:

    At least twice in the past, a virus attack on my PC disabled and messed up my antivirus software. This never happens to SpyZooka. This software does a great job!

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