Spyware Profile for Cabrotor

Cabrotor is your run-of-the-mill backdoor Trojan with its bag of nasty tricks to wreak havoc on your computer. It will infiltrate your system by stealth means and once it is in it will be able to have partial control of your computer. This is very dangerous because your passwords and other highly sensitive information are now at risk of being gathered for ill purposes.

SpyZooka is the remedy for this infection. If your computer has Cabrotor, SpyZooka will easily exterminate the problem for you in no time at all. In fact, most issues are cleared up with the first scan. SpyZooka is something that you can invest in that can keep your computer running like new.

Also Known As:
Cabronator 3. Kill.beta3

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:

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  1. Leon Becker says:

    SpyZooka made my computer faster and got rid of this Cabrotor
    virus that someone in my company sent me in an email attachment.

    I would definitly recommend this product to others to remove viruses and to speed up their computers.

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