Spyware Profile for Crazynet

Crazynet installs itself to your computer. It is a backdoor program and runs in the background and is not immediately detected. While it is running, it allows an attacker to have full access to your computer. They are able to completely and totally control your computer remotely. They can turn it off and on. They will be able to gather personal financial and other information. Your computer is in serious danger of these backdoor programs.

Removing this problem, however, is a cinch. You can easily eliminate Crazynet with the super spyware remover, SpyZooka. SpyZooka has removed countless malware programs and is backed by the Better Business Bureau. You can get a free scan in order to determine your level of infection.

Also Known As:
Crazy Net

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
No Associated Files Currently

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