Spyware Profile for Explorer32

Explorer32.Hijacker is a Trojan that will not play nicely with your computer.  This malware will modify your browser settings and hijack your homepage.  You may have your homepage set to your favorite site and then suddenly it is something else.  This is all done without your knowledge and permission.
Explorer32.Hijacker will continue to diminish the performance of your computer.  So, it is very important that this malware be removed from your computer.  There is a trusted and reliable anti-spyware program called SpyZooka that will fix this problem right away.

Also Known As:
Explorer 32, Avast: Win32:SdBot-3948,
AVG: IRC/BackDoor.SdBot, F-Prot: W32/Malware!31d5,
F-Secure: Backdoor.Win32.SdBot.05.v, Kaspersky:,
Backdoor.Win32.SdBot.05.v, McAfee: W32/Kwbot.worm.b,
Sophos: Troj/SDBot-05A, Symantec: W32.Kwbot.Worm,

Associated Files:
~tmpa.exe, ~tmpb.exe, ~tmpd.exe, b.exe,
explorer32.exe, explorer32.exe, explorer32.exe,
explorer32.exe, msxml71.dll, msxml71.dll

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