Spyware Profile for FindFM

FindFM Toolbar is an adware program.  It will install a toolbar into your Internet Explorer browser. FindFM Toolbar will also get into your Internet settings and will change your homepage to an affiliate’s site.  FindFM will also monitor your Internet activity and will share your browsing habits and preferences with their controlling server.

FindFM is a nuisance that can be easily removed with SpyZooka.  SpyZooka is an outstanding spyware remover from ZookaWare.  SpyZooka will get rid of your spyware problems quickly and easily.  SpyZooka has a guarantee of 100% error removal or your money back.  Now, that is a guarantee that should bring you some peace of mind.

Also Known As:
Find FM
Find F M

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:

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