Spyware Profile for Gigex SpeedDelivery

Gigex SpeedDelivery is spyware, and you do not want to have this on your computer.  Gigex SpeedDelivery collects private, personal information about you and then sends it to its controlling server.  Consequently, this information will be used to send targeted advertising right to your computer via pop-ups, pop-unders, etc.  Gigex SpeedDelivery is installed by ActiveX without your permission and usually without your knowledge.
It is highly recommended that this spyware be removed immediately from your computer.  Your computer’s performance and function is at stake if this software is not removed.  Try a trusted anti-spyware program like SpyZooka to take care of this problem for you.

Also Known As:
GigexSpeedDelivery, Gigex Speed Delivery, GigexSpeed Delivery

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  1. Paul Moore says:

    For me it was impossible to remove this stupid spyware by myself. I’ve tried for a while, but since I had no results, I had to use different kind of programs until I’ve found SpyZooka. This is a great program indeed!

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