Spyware Profile for IGetNet

IGetNet is adware this is specifically a hijacker.  It is implemented onto your computer as an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object. It is very good at gathering personal information about you.  In fact, when you enter something into your address bar, IGetNet will check to see if it includes keywords they have sold to one of their advertisers.
They will also tamper with your settings by means of not allowing you to go to your originally programmed homepage.  It will instead redirect you to www.igetnet.com or one of their advertising affiliates.  Igetnet is installed manually or by ActiveX.
This sneaky software should be removed from your computer as soon as possible with SpyZooka.

Associated Files:
Bho001.dll Rsp001.dll Winstart001.exe,
bho.dll, exe_in_dll.dll, nlninstall.exe,
nlnp13.dll, nlnupgradev4_6p28.exe,
rsp.dll, update_hosts.dll, winstart.exe,
winstart.exe, winstart.exe

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