Spyware Profile for InstaFinder

InstaFinder is an adware hijacker program that will have fun with your computer at your expense.  It is a Browser Helper Object that works with Internet Explorer.  It will display commercial advertisements, redirect your web browser to predefined sites, and download and install additional third-party advertising software.
This nuisance adware can be installed manually on your computer or it can infiltrate through ad-supported programs.
It is necessary to remove this junk software from your computer as soon as possible.  This malware will wear down your computer, slow it down and impair its ability to function as it is intended.  SpyZooka is a superior quality anti-spyware program that can rid you of this nuisance.

Also Known As:
Insta Finder, instan finder, InstaFinderk

Spyware Type: Hijacker

Associated Files:
instafink.dll, instafin.dll, instafinderk_inst.exe, instafinder_inst.exe

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  1. Sebastian Cole says:

    Every time I was using Firefox, InstaFinder hijacked my browser when I don’t enter in a domain name. I searched in the registry, removed the program from the add/remove control panel but nothing works. My brother told me he is using SpyZooka and I should do this too. I guess I can’t do all the things by myself.

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