Spyware Profile for MsxMidi

CoolWebSearch MsxMidi is a CoolWebSearch variation that is loaded onto your computer when you initiate startup. CoolWebSearch MsxMidi adds a startup value in the registry called xpsystem that runs the process MsxMidi.exe in the system/services directory.
You do not need or want this malware on your computer.  It will direct you to undesirable sites and will leave your computer vulnerable to other malware.  It is imperative that you remove this problem immediately through SpyZooka.

Also Known As:
rj/Multidropper.AK – named by Panda.
• TrojanDropper.Win32.Small.cw – named by Kaspersky.
• W32/Nahata – named by Panda.
• Win32.Myss – named by Computer Associates.
• Win32/Myss!Trojan – named by Computer Associates.
• Win32/Tofger!Trojan – named by Computer Associates.

Associated Files:
msxmidi.exe, msxmidi.exe, msxmidi.exe, msxmidi.exe, unpacked-msxmidi.exe

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3 Responses

  1. Bianca Dole says:

    Have recently had msxmidi trying to get access to the Internet when going online. I have found 2 files – msxmidi.exe and MSXmidi.exe-113A7180.pf. in my Win directory. I assume these are highjacking attempts and fortunately my firewall picks them up each time so I can deny access. I have deleted the .pf file but couldn’t get rid of the msxmidi file. Someone redirected me to Blue Penguin and said is the best. I downloaded the removal tool and I realized it is the best indeed.

  2. Jack Rowland says:

    MsxMidi is responsible for home page hijacking, pop-up and in-browser advertising, unwanted toolbars, and general browser and system instability. It is great that SpyZooka removed this problem after the first scan.

  3. Peter Cunningham says:

    I have been having problems with Mozilla Firefox crashing each time I try to click on a link. I installed SpyZooka and it found this TrojanDropper.Win32.Small.cw and removed it. I’m now keeping my fingers crossed that it is gone for good 🙂

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