Spyware Profile for OneToolbar

OneToolbar is spyware masquerading as a toolbar. This malware makes some undesired alterations to the default settings of the computer’s internet browser. For example, OneToolbar changes the default homepage to www.swoople.com. It also begins to silently monitor and transmit the internet habits of the computer user to outside sources, aimed specifically at targeting the host computer with unwanted spam advertisements.

Once detected, however, OneToolbar can be completely removed from a computer through the utilization of a good anti-spyware system such as SpyZooka. SpyZooka, which is a product of ZookaWare, offers both a money back guarantee and a free initial scan to determine whether spyware is present. This helps to protect the consumer against an unnecessary purchase.

Also Known As:
One Toolbar
One Tool Bar
Onetool Bar

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
Currently no associated files available.

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  1. Jeanne Howder says:

    I thought all these programs are useless until my computer got OneToolbar and none of them removed it. I tried SpyZooka and for not on this will be the only software I can trust. It works great!

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