Spyware Profile for Rustock

Rustock is a backdoor program that will enter your system as a Trojan horse. It is a spam mailer and it is capable of sending a massive volume of spam emails. It also has the ability to open up a ‘backdoor’ that will allow a hacker to enter and take over your computer.

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Also Known As:
Backdoor.Rustock, Spam-Mailbot.c!Rootkit,
Backdoor:Win32/Rustock.gen!, Backdoor.Rustock

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:

{C9DA27C9-C0DD-4624-A422-49B6D4E9B7F2}_LZX32.SYS, 10b29041.sys, 1777.exe, 2.exe, 23E1BE2BD.exe, 3655806.exe, 54b1d34d.sys, 758559962.exe, 917636238.exe, 94.sys, af.sys, al12l.exe, alexey.exe, csm.exe, da0a10c0.sys, driver.sys, drvtusr.dll, eovmbg.exe, fdsffa.notlong.com, game.exe, glaide32.sys, install.exe, install11.exe, install12.exe, install15.exe, install20.exe, install3.exe, install333.exe, install4.exe, install5.exe, install6.exe, install9.exe, install-supernew.exe, isksxj.exe, it.exe, jsgjp.exe, lzx32.sys, lzx32.sys, LZX32.SYS,lzx32.sys, zx32.sys, mp32s.sys, narqwe.sys, nexkaqf.sys, niqrfcs.exe, nraeqcxjb.exe, qaszpurn.sys, qwer78.sys, rdwavag.exe

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