Spyware Profile for Sality

Sality is a complicated pest because it has a variety of functions. It is a virus that has keylogger and backdoor functionality. You may have received this pest in an e-mail. Once you have opened the e-mail, you have executed the file. Then, the parasite will install itself into your system. Sality will be able to enter and alter executable files, especially those that are security related. This virus is a serious threat to your system.

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Also Known As:
Virus.Win32.Sality, Win32.Sality.AE (v),
Virus.Win32.Sality.sc, Virus.Win32.Sality.Gen (v),
Win32.Sality (v), Worm-Win32/Sality.I

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
No Associated Files Currently

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