Spyware Profile for SC-Bar

SCBar is an Internet Explorer toolbar, but is actually a search-and error-hijacker implemented as IE toolbar. It has the capacity to display pop-up ads that are targeted based on keywords found in the web page you are browsing.  It is highly likely that it will slow down the performance of Internet Explorer.  It may also redirect search requests through its parent servers and will have unwanted pop-ups appear on your computer.  SC Bar can also change your browser’s default search.
SC Bar runs each time you start Internet Explorer.  SC Bar’s code is a related to the NetworkEssentials parasite. For removal of this parasitic program, try Spyzooka for spyware removal.

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  1. Timothy Henderson says:

    This is a great software! I never expected it to be so powerful. When I say powerful I meant it gets job done perfectly. The other day I was trying to remove SC-Bar. Tried everything with no luck but SPYZOOKA saved me.

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