Spyware Profile for WinlogonEX

WinlogonEx is a browser hijacker that will do everything to annoy you and slow down your computer.  It will first gain access to your settings and change them over to another website–most likely a sponsored website–and then will change your search queries to those of their affiliates.  Once your browser is infected with the parasite it will start to be very sluggish.  Your computer will also start to be adorned with many unwanted and sometime pornographic pop-up advertisements.  They are extremely annoying and appear without warning.
There is a solution to WinlogonEx, and it is SpyZooka.  SpyZooka is a spyware remover that has many satisfied customers all over the world.  SpyZooka comes with a 100% error-free guarantee so you can rest easy in knowing that your spyware problems will be solved.

Also Known As:

Spyware Type:  Hijacker,  Plug-in

Associated Files:

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  1. John Shepherd says:

    I have used Spyzooka on XP, Vista and Win7. I use it on multiple PC’s with excellent results. I can’t say enough about this product.
    Highly recommended!

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