Spyware Profile for WTLBass

WTLBass is an Internet Explorer browser hijacker.  It will break into your settings and change them over to a sponsored website.  In addition, your search queries will be altered to direct you to affiliate websites.  Your computer experience will be confusing and annoying, and you may even try to change your settings back to no avail.  It has the capability of preventing you from changing your settings back to its original website.  WTLBass also has the capability of monitoring your Internet activity to share with its affiliates.  These affiliates will in turn inundate you with annoying and unwanted advertising that displays on your computer at random times.
Your only defense against this renegade computer takeover is to take back control with SpyZooka, the spyware remover.  SpyZooka is an excellent program and has an unbeatable 100% error removal guarantee.

Also Known As:
WTL Bass, Hijacker.WTLBAss

Spyware Type:  Hijacker,  Plug-in

Associated Files:
CSRSSW.EXE, wtlbass32.dll

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