SpywareKnight – Don’t Keep Jousting With This One!

SpywareKnight is one of these fake antispyware programs that promise you the moon as far as cleaning up your computer from all manner of viruses and spyware, but what it really delivers is a boatload more problems to deal with! The only true thing that SpywareKnight says about your computer is that there are indeed security problems with your machine, but the truth is that SpywareKnight is a large part of the problem!!

SpywareKnight come to your machine via a Trojan such as Vundo or Zlob, and installs itself without any action on your part, and then starts to “scan” your computer for supposed “threats”. It soon returns a long list of these that it claims you need to take some action on, or else your computer and all your personal information could well be at risk. This is no doubt a true statement, but it’s SpywareKnight that is the risk here, not any of these “Threats” it claims are lurking on your machine!

They then offer you a software “fix”, which they insist will rid your computer of all these bad guys. If you fall for this and download this “fix”, you’ll have had the honor of just having paid to download a whole host of other spyware, adware and fraudware, many of which will be much more dangerous than SpywareKnight! Many of these will compromise your personal information, exposing all your sensitive data such as credit card numbers, pin numbers bank account and more.

Since by now it is abundantly clear that you have a problem that needs fixing, and that SpywareKnight is not the answer, don’t compound the problem by attempting to rid your computer of this malady all by yourself. This will no doubt get you nowhere! SpywareKnight and other spyware applications of this class almost always leave copies all through your computer. They have the ability to reconstitute themselves upon reboot, so even if you did what you thought was a good cleanup, the chances are very high it will still be alive and well in the morning!

A better choice is to employ the services of a great antispyware software solution like SpyZooka. It comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and will get rid of SpywareKnight and have you back and surfing in no time!

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