Spyzooka’s Not Playing Around With ATPartners/ATGames

At Spyzooka, we know every trick of the trade when it comes to criminal activities like ATPartners/ATGames. This program is an offshoot of one of hundreds of variants of Favorite Man. The program was originally created for Addictive Technologies which is an affiliate of Mindset Interactive. The file is attached to 1000funniestvideos.com and at-games.com. There is nothing fun about downloading ATPartners/ATGames.

Even though the Internet was originally created as a nonprofit superhighway of information, don’t be fooled by free software and downloads these days. They often come bundled with some sort of spyware, adware, or malware. Free downloads don’t magically pay for themselves. The people that are giving away free downloads aren’t usually doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. Many of these programs are set up so they can get kickbacks from aggressive marketers. They may sell your information to 3rd party affiliates or just use aggressive means of commercializing your search results or adding links to click on in your browser. Every time that a sale is made from the ATPartners/ATGames link the company receives a commission.

ATPartners/ATGames files act like a Browser Helper Object (BHO), but there is nothing helpful about this BHO. Plus, a legitimate BHO will usually make itself known in some way. ATPartners/ATGames is a backdoor download that never appears anywhere. It runs all the time and periodically adds updates to the system, so it won’t get caught by anti-spyware programs. Expect your computer to run slowly. You can even expect to have to sift through pages of search results before you get to what you were looking for.

Spyzooka never ran into a problem with constant updates because we use robot technology to comb the Internet looking for new malware, definitions, and updates. We usually get the info before you do free of human error, but if your problem persists you can upload the scan and send it to us. We will get rid of ATPartners/ATGames within 24 hours – guaranteed.

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