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We take dozens of preventative measures to insure our health and safety. We immunize for diseases, get regular tune-ups for our cars, and install smoke detectors in our homes. In all of these instances, an action is taken before negative circumstances occur.

Unfortunately, antispyware software is one of those preventative measures many of us overlook. Ironically, it can be just as important, especially when it comes to your personal information. Spyware is one of the newest tools being used for identity theft. It is a real issue that demands serious attention.

In addition to potential identity theft, spyware offers a long list of other harmful problems for your computer. One of those is pop-ups. Pop-ups are more than a minor annoyance. They can slow down your computer, rendering it useless. They can also carry viruses and worms that install themselves onto your computer when you click on one of the advertisements.

The detrimental programs that are installed by pop-ups are oftentimes disguised as useful tools. For instance, a pop-up may claim to have detected a virus on your computer, as well as an offer to scan for more viruses. This is only a trick to get you to click on the pop-up. It is actually just the opposite of what it claims to be. It won’t get rid of viruses – it will install them.

You may notice that the pop-ups on your computer tend to relate to recent searches you have done on a web browser as well. This is because spyware has the ability to track your Internet usage and customize the ads that are sent to you. Advertisers hope this will increase the likelihood of you clicking on the popup.

Help! I’m Being Attacked by Pop-ups!
While there are certain steps you can take to avoid spyware, many computer users still end up with it, even those who are doing all the right things. Antispyware software rises above all other measures to fight against pop-ups.

Since there are dozens of antispyware programs on the market, it pays to do your research before committing to one. It may mean the difference between a well-tuned machine and a useless piece of electronic junk.

There are several key features to look for when choosing a program to erase and prevent popups. First, be sure to choose one that guarantees 100% protection against spyware. This includes adware and all other types of malware. Some programs only offer partial protection, which is better than nothing but certainly not as good as 100%.

You should also be sure to choose a program that not only detects and erases current pop-ups but prevents any future pop-ups from attacking your system. Prevention includes the availability of daily updates to deter newly created spyware from latching onto your system.

Good customer service is another feature to look for when choosing antispyware software. A generalized computer recording is not helpful when it comes to pop-up problems. Good customer service goes hand in hand with a good program.

Lastly, unless you are a computer wizard, you’ll want to make sure the program you choose is user friendly. A quality program won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to get it running. Easy-to-follow instructions and automated scans are always a part of a good program.

The installation of antispyware software will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your system’s performance. A pop-up-free computer offers a far more positive web-surfing experience.

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