Svcnt32.StartPage Trojan Horse Removal

Svcnt32.StartPage is a browser hijacker and Trojan downloader.  It will change the settings on your computer so that your home page is not the page you have set for it.  It is also capable of downloading other software to your computer, and so is also classified as a Trojan downloader.

Trojan downloaders can infect your computer system with any kind of threats.  The more harmless ones may download advertising programs.  Others may download “rogue antispyware.”

This supposed anti-spyware software is actually a virus that tries to act like it’s a solution.  Rogue anti-spyware programs will often wreak havoc on a computer as a way to trick users into thinking their computers have been infected.  Then, the rogue program will sell an “upgraded” version of itself, claiming this will fix the problem.  Generally, all they do is just take your money.

Svcnt32.StartPage’s presence on your computer very likely means that you have other undesirable programs as well.  A free scan with SpyZooka will inform you of the other threats present on your computer.

Svcnt32.StartPage file contents:

Registry Value:
start page


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