SystemAntivirus2008 – Rogue AntiSpyWare At Its Finest!

SystemAntivirus2008 is one of those rogue antipspyware programs made for nothing but to separate you from your wallet! One day you’ll come to your computer and find an antispyware program that has started to run a “scan” that you neither gave permission for nor requested in the first place. It runs this scan, (too quickly by the way!) and offers up a  list of supposed “threats” that are presenting imminent danger to your machine and that you’ll want to deal with ASAP!

What you may or may not realize by this point is that this is all a scam. SystemAntivirus2008  presents you with a software solution to get rid of these “threats” via download for a smallish sum, and you  fall for it. I mean, it is certainly better than having all those nasty viruses and spywares on my computer. So out comes your credit card and you download their “fix”, and then the fun really begins.

SystemAntivirus2008 then feels free to dump even more spyware, adware and fraudware onto your machine, almost all of it  a lot worse in nature and application than SystemAntivirus2008 by itself. These can include keyloggers, which record all your computer keystrokes, which can be a disaster if you do any banking or online purchasing. They then send on this information to a server somewhere out there, usually in a foreign country, where you info is used however they see fit.

Now so far I think you get the picture that this doesn’t sound like something you want to be associated with, so you’ll definitely want to send SystemAntivirus2008 packing as soon as you can. This is  not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish however, as programs like SystemAntivirus2008 are notorious for being able to hide themselves, and they hide copies of themselves in files throughout your machine. Trying to find all the traces of SystemAntivirus2008 by yourself is a little like trying to count all the stars in the sky on a cloudy night!

The best way you can rid yourself of SystemAntivirus2008 is by using a legitimate antispyware like SpyZooka. It will find and destroy all traces of VistaAntivirus2008 and keep your computer free from these nasty beasts and keep you free from them for some time.

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