The Truth About Internet Enhancement Pak

Adware developers have no intent to cause harm to your computer; they are just too cheap to pay for advertising costs like everyone else. But some developers tell you down right lies and deceive you into downloading their software, like Internet Enhance Pak developers.  The truth about internet enhancement pak is that they want the visitor to believe that they are helping them remove adware, when in actuality, they are adware developers themselves.

The company offered a so-called service that was supposed to protect members from harm to their computers.  They were promised around the clock protection for a monthly fee of $19.95.  They also offered an affiliate program where you were given code to place on your web pages, and as you probably guessed, this code included adware.

A very creative ploy, but it doesn’t take one long to figure out that they are now bombarded with pop ups and pop unders, banner advertisements, search enhancements, and other offers.  Now it comes down to how to remove the bothersome program from your computer.

Well, since they say DO NOT USE anti-spyware programs; you might wonder what to do.  If you think about it, they also said they would protect your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but that never happened.

If you want to kick internet enhancement pak to the curb, and remove adware completely, try SpyZooka.  Guaranteed to get rid of internet enhancement pak as well as other malicious threats, SpyZooka is the only software that will offer a money back guarantee if they cannot remove all spyware.  They are so confident in their program that if SpyZooka does not successfully remove all spyware, adware, and malware the first time around, you can scan it for free.  This ensures that even the most stubborn programs will be destroyed and your computer will be running smooth again.

If you want to get started, scan your PC for free right now.  Once you see how much junk you have accumulated, you will want to get it off ASAP.

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