TheSpyBot – Spy It Will, and You’ll Be Sorry!

TheSpyBot is another of those rogue antispyware programs that promise to clean your computer from head to toe of all the nasty viruses and spyware that it claims have now come and set up shop there. What is true about their claim is that there are some security problems with your machine, and that TheSpyBot is a major contributor!

TheSpyBot installs without your knowledge or consent, and proceeds to start a “scan” of your computer, one that brings back quickly (too quickly in fact!) a long list of “threats” that you need to make sure and deal with posthaste, else your computer and all your personal information could well be at risk. This is true, but again it’s at risk from TheSpyBot, not any of these phony “threats” it claims to have found.

If you are unfortunate enough to have been conned by TheSpyBot, you’ll download a whole host of other spyware, adware and fraudware, many of which will be a darn sight more destructive than TheSpyBot! Many of TheSpyBot’s friends will mine your personal data for all it’s worth, leaving you really at risk of some serious problems when this falls into the wrong hands.

Now that you know you indeed have a problem and that it does have to be taken care of, don’t attempt to do it yourself. That will undoubtedly be an exercise in frustration! These kinds of spyware applications leave copies of themselves everywhere, and usually have the ability to reconstitute themselves upon reboot, so even if you managed to get a bunch of its files, chances are high it will still be there in the morning!

Much better to employ the services of a great antispyware software solution like SpyZooka. It comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and will have you back and surfing in no time!

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