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If you like to play online games, beware of Top Converting Crazy Winnings.  What looks good to you isn’t always good for you, and this application is a prime example.  Top Converting Crazy Winnings is installed by Topconverting via an Active X downloader. It is distributed by CW Gaming/ and while the actual software application is not a high level threat, it’s what the software does once installed that makes it deadly.

Topconverting is a program used mainly by malicious hackers in an attempt to take complete control over your PC.  The program promises easy access to search results and customized information, but that’s not all you get.  Once the program is executed, it works on opening up a backdoor to allow other adware, malware, and Spyware to come in.  This allows unauthorized access to your computer and can cause connectivity issues as well as compromising the overall security of your PC.

Topconverting is usually accompanied by and tracking cookies, so if you see these on your PC, you want to remove them ASAP.  The fastest and safest way to remove Topconverting Crazing Winnings or any malicious threats to your PC is with anti-spyware software.  There are several good products on the market, but if you want to ensure complete removal, there is only one:  SpyZooka; tested and proven to be #1 when it comes to removing spyware, adware, and other annoying threats that can steal your information, slow up your computer, and in some cases even cause it to crash.

Don’t waste your time with second rate spyware removal programs, get SpyZooka and get rid of spyware today.

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