Transponder.StopPopupAdsNow Information

Transponder.StopPopupAdsNow disguises itself as a free pop-up ad killer but it can kill your PC.  Claiming to stop pop-up ads from its advertisers while blocking the ads of other advertisers, StopPopupAdsNow is nothing more than a software application that can cause damage to your PC.  From changing browser settings to showing commercial advertisements, once installed, StopPopupAdsNow connects itself to the Internet and stays resident in the background as it collects information about your browser habits.

StopPopupAdsNow is installed via drive-by download, and the program will install itself as an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object.

The name sounds fun and silly, but there’s nothing funny when you cannot perform the simplest functions on your PC because of pop-up advertisements.  Nor is it fun to think about your personal information and surfing habits being tracked and monitored by someone you don’t even know.   How do you know where your information will end up, and what is being done with it?  You don’t, that’s why you want to remove StopPopupAdsNow, immediately.

Are you intimidated by the thought of removing and deleting files from your computer?  After all, if you remove the wrong files, you could create more problems than you started with, but with SpyZooka, there is no need to worry about messing up.

There are just three easy steps:

1. Click the “Yes, scan my PC for free!” button.
2. Click “Run” or “Save”
3. Scan your computer

That’s it, and you’ve taken the first step to wiping out StopPopupAdsNow and other spyware.  SpyZooka is so confident in it’s product that they will guarantee 100% removal or spyware, malware, rogues, adware, worms, and Trojans – you name it they can kill it.  There’s no excuse, now.  In fact, you can scan your PC at no cost to you.

Relative file contents:

Host.dll, %profiledir%\Application Data\troashgr.exe

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