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TurboDownload aka IEDriver, is an adware application that creates advertisements.  The program runs in the background and starts on system start up to produce ads.

Once installed, it is able to generate a variety of electronic advertisements which are created based on your browsing history.  Do you want to know how they know your browsing history?  You guessed it, they track and monitor what you’re doing.  It may also slow down your computer’s overall performance with the number of ads being produced and sent to you.

The name itself, “Turbodownload,” is misleading, giving the impression that it will allow you to download things faster when the only thing you will see faster are the ads displayed on your screen.

Just like any potential threat, you don’t want it on your computer, so let SpyZooka help you get rid of it.  A quick free PC scan will find Turbodownload and three easy steps will get rid of it.  Don’t let adware get the best of you, let SpyZooka get the best of adware.

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