VirusRemover2008 – Another Nasty Little Beast!

It seems I can’t wake up in the morning without some new threat making its debut onto the spyware/malware scene, and VirusRemover2008 would be one of these. VirusRemover2008 is another of these rogue anti-spyware programs being thrust upon unsuspecting people who are just trying to make sure they’re practicing safe computing. It’s a brother to another evil twin, Antivirus 2008.

This one gets on your computer through the Vundo Trojan or Trojan Zlob, which may have arrived as part of a fake video codec installer download. You may have done nothing overtly wrong to allow this to happen, but it can, and does, install itself, and immediately starts scanning your system for “threats”, which are bogus. Their goal, which is clear very quickly, is to get you to open your wallet and opt for their full featured software that will solve all your spyware problems, and you must do this now! Before it get any worse! If you are conned into doing this, you may then have not only spyware problems, but may possibly have opened the door to credit card fraud, more spyware/malware infections and more.

Of course, you don’t need to do this. What you need to do is get rid of this program! Some of the signs that you’ve acquired a full-fledged VirusRemover2008 infection are

  • A lethargic system, especially on boot and shut down.
  • Persistent, unwanted and usually quite offensive popups, which your popup blocker seems unable to deal with.
  • Counterfeit desktop tray and shortcuts.
  • Your Windows background image may have been altered.
  • Fake warnings about suspicious files, virus infections, imminent disaster and the like.
  • Unknown system processes running in your task manager, hogging your resources.
  • Unforeseen browser shutdowns.
  • Extremely slow surfing.
  • Inability to delete or remove from your screen.
  • Almost any action redirects to the VirusRemover2008 web page.When your browser is hijacked like this, rebooting is almost the only thing you can do, which isn’t much since VirusRemover2008 simply reconstitutes itself upon reboot.
  • Weird computer error sounds.
  • The Blue Screen of Death!

Some of the bad things this little monster can do to you is to set up camp on your computer, recording your surfing activity, recording keystrokes, (can you say passwords, credit card numbers etc) exploits browser security leaks to usher Trojans onto your computer, and can disable your firewalls and anti-virus program.

Sooner or later, (usually sooner) if this infection is left unchecked to go its merry way, you’re going to have a totally compromised computer, and it may very well be unusable. At that point you’re pretty much sunk. Either take it into the shop and have Windows completely re-installed or opt for a new machine.

Don’t let it get to that point! Give Spyzooka a shot and let it find all the spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojan horses, worms, malware, hijackers, dialers, unwanted toolbars, rootkits, rogue antispyware, botnets, unwanted browser plugins and any related threats trying to make hay in your system. With my 60 day 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

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