VistaAntivirus2008 – Don’t Fall For This One!

VistaAntivirus2008 is designed for nothing other than to separate you from your money. You’ll know that you’ve been selected for a visit by VistaAntivirus2008 when your computer is suddenly seemingly taken over by an antispyware program that starts to run a “scan,” that you neither requested nor wanted from them in the first place. It performs this function, (very quickly by the way!) and presents you with a  list of supposed “threats” that you’ll want to be sure and rid your machine of as fast as humanly possible!

Of course, this is all a scam. VistaAntivirus2008  presents you with a software solution as a download for a reasonable sum, and you think, why not? Certainly don’t want all those pesky viruses and spywares on my computer. Once you fish out your credit card and fork over the cash, you download their “fix”, then you’re really sunk. VistaAntivirus2008 proceeds to load even more spyware, adware and fraudware onto your machine, much of it entirely more harmful than VistaAntivirus2008 itself. They can include keyloggers, which record your every computer keystroke, (do any banking online?) or other applications designed only to steal your information and use it for their purposes.

Now, if this doesn’t sound like something you want to have to go through, you need to kill off VistaAntivirus2008 at the first signs of its presence. This is much easier to say than do, however. Programs like these are infamous for being able to avoid detection, and they can and do hide copies of themselves in files throughout your computer. Trying to extricate VistaAntivirus2008 yourself is like trying to catch all the minnows in a muddy pond.

The best way to be rid of VistaAntivirus2008 is by using a legitimate antispyware like SpyZooka. It will find and destroy all traces of VistaAntivirus2008 and keep your computer free from these pests going forward.

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