W32 Worm Removal

Many types of worms, spyware, and viruses act the same when they infect a computer. The w32 worm causes some of the same problems as other malware. The difference is the rate at which it is spreading. The w32 worm, which functions under a number of different aliases, is the newest threat on the Internet and it’s spreading like wildfire.

What W32 Can Do
Every worm is harmful to your computer. The w32 worm is particularly harmful for the following reasons:

* It can multiply quickly. While some types of malware will simply infect one single computer, w32 propagates in order to invade countless systems.

* Microsoft products are particularly susceptible to w32. This is a big problem because the majority of computers use Microsoft programs.

* w32 has found a special niche in the business world. This is likely because it is relatively easy to infect a number of computers within a company because they are all linked on the same network.

* The w32 starts whenever the computer is rebooted. This means you may unknowingly be prompting the w32 worm to go to work just by turning on your computer.

* The w32 worm opens up a backdoor to the systems it infects. This backdoor allows w32 to hijack the computer and steal any information it so pleases. This is a problem for both computer performance and personal identity and security.

* w32 messes with Internet Explorer in a big way. It can make using the browser a big pain in the microchip.

Symptoms of w32 Infection

While some computers will show obvious signs of w32 infection, other do not. This can make it rather difficult to detect w32 in certain instances. Look for the following changes in your computer if you suspect you might have w32:

* A random “system shutdown” error message. This error message may or may not be legitimate. Regardless, many computers that have been infected by w32 have received that message.

* Unusual changes in Internet Explorer. The w32 worm has the ability to change your homepage. Never ignore such changes, it may mean you have w32 on your system.

* A slower system. If you computer has become noticeably slower or completely unresponsive, w32 may be the culprit. Don’t assume a slow computer means that you have too many files stored or the machine is old. It is more likely that you have been infected with some type of malware, perhaps w32.

W32 Removal

There are several measures that can be taken to eradicate w32 from your computer, as well as prevent future infections. Take note of the following steps in your quest to slay the w32 worm:
* Install a firewall on your computer. This can help harmful programs from entering the system in the first place.

* Make sure to update Microsoft programs. Your computer should automatically offer updates. These updates are reconfigured versions of the original programs meant to fill holes in security. Since the w32 worm is relatively new, you should make those updates immediately.

* Antispyware software. The software that is generally referred to as “antispyware” usually combats all types of malware, viruses, and worms. Do your homework and choose a good-quality program.

The w32 worm is a big threat to all computers, whether they are a part of a big business network or a single personal computer. If you are connected to the Internet, you are vulnerable. Take the aforementioned precautions to steer clear of the malicious w32 worm.

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