WebDialler is a dialer that dials high-cost toll numbers using the modem of your PC in order to connect to adult-related or pornographic websites. This program may be installed purposely with the consent of the user, or may be placed without consent by visiting questionable websites. WebDialler will install additional malware on your PC, which is a risk to both the health of your computer and your personal information.

Malware may collect data about your online activities in order to sell this information to third parties. Additionally, malware can affect your operating system, and cause it to become unstable. You may notice that your PC is running slowly, or that your browser redirects to unknown websites.

To remove WebDialler, you may attempt to locate it in the add/remove programs in your control panel, or you may try to detect related files and values in the Windows registry, then delete them. Due to the difficult nature of manual removal and the possibility of severe damage to your PC, it is not recommended. The best solution for removing WebDialler and all other parasites is to use Spyzooka, the highest rated antispyware tool on the market.

Webdialler Dialer

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  1. Patrick Pickering says:

    I had this WebDialler virus, it cropped up a week ago, and while I used antivirus software to delete the file, it was still found. It has also somehow disabled my ability to connect to the internet.
    A friend installed SpyZooka on my computer and removed WebDialler. I have been back on the internet now for a week with no ill effects.

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