WebFavoriteSite: Not My Favorite

It’s a good thing I’m a little paranoid about malicious programs trying to sneak their way onto my computer, or I never would have noticed WebFavoriteSite before it was too late.

You see, WebFavoriteSite is an executable adware program that gets onto your computer encrypted, and is added to the registry as an “auto start to load program” on boot up. This means that if I would not have fortuitously been doing one of my daily prowls through my registry, and happened to take note of WebFavoriteSite, it would have set up shop with its malicious goods the next time that I started my computer up.

Now just the fact that WebFavoriteSite is an adware program is enough for me to get my skirts in a hitch, being that I absolutely HATE being forced to watch advertisements for anything even if it is supposed to be targeted toward my personal interests. I hate having to click shut pop ups, I hate that my information is being tracked by an unknown someone, and I hate how much of my computer’s resources are eaten up trying to process the exacting requirements that adware demands.

That being said, all adware is not created equal. Some are far more malicious and represent a much greater security threat than others. I gave myself a special pat on the back the day I caught WebFavoriteSite before it unloaded, because WebFavoriteSite is classified as a high risk adware program.

High risk adware like WebFavoriteSite is typically installed unbeknownst to the user through a security exploit of one kind or another, and can severely compromise a system’s security. Security is compromised because these programs are capable of opening illicit network connections, disabling existing security software, and using adaptive tactics to ensure their survival should you try to remove them.

I counted myself lucky the day I caught WebFavoriteSite before it did any damage. Nonetheless, this was not a risk I was going to take again, so I got Spyzooka – the best-rated spyware remover that I could find. Plus, now that I have their award-winning removal software, my paranoid perusals of my computer’s inner system files are…well…unnecessary.

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