WebRebates—A Special Kind of Adware

WebRebates is a special kind of adware known as “loyaltyware.” Loyaltyware operates on the concept that user loyalty will be gained by providing incentives in the form of cash, points, airline miles, and other types of goods while shopping. What this means is that once WebRebates gets installed on your computer, it will monitor your Internet activity and give you pop ups with rebates for the products that you are looking for while you search.

In theory, this could actually be a very helpful and useful thing for a program to do. After all, who wouldn’t be interested in rebates helpfully presenting themselves for each and every product we look at? Unfortunately, WebRebates isn’t nearly as helpful as it tries to convince you that it is. While it does, indeed, give you potentially helpful rebates, it severely bogs down your computer with all of its advertisements. WebRebates also presents a potentially dangerous security risk because it logs your keystrokes and takes screen snapshots, meaning that it could record sensitive personal information like passwords and bank account information.

As such, the best way to deal with WebRebates is to simply remove it. You can do this manually by deleting its file entries and registry values as well as stopping its running processes and unregistering its DLL entries, but you have to be careful doing this. Not only could you seriously damage your computer if you delete the wrong file, but if you don’t get every piece of WebRebates, everywhere on your computer, it will simply re-install itself upon system reboot.

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