Why Is BHO.aui Adware Bothering Me?

You’re surfing the web or checking your email when all of a sudden up pops a box telling you, “Your computer is infected and you need to clean it now! Click here to scan Your PC for free!” Did you click the scan option out of panic that your computer was infected? If you did you may have agreed to have adware loaded onto your computer. Now the pop-ups are plentiful and you’re sitting there saying, “I’ve scanned my computer, why is BHO.aui adware bothering me?”

This is just one tactic of many that are used to get you to say yes. If this is your first experience with adware, you’re probably in shock and want it fixed, and NOW. Don’t be fooled. This is a perfect example of adware software and how it attempts to get you to install it.

When you click the “Scan Now” button, and I know you probably did, you basically give the go ahead for adware to really start playing games with you. Annoying pop-ups, results that you didn’t search for, and even possibly some adult material that might get you a night on the sofa if you’re not careful.

It’s not your fault. You didn’t know, but we all should learn from our mistakes, so here’s a little lesson on adware. The problem starts with software packages that installs adware as part of a bundled package, and is included in the terms of their licensing agreement. This can be, but it not limited to Morpheus, Kazaa, iMesh, and plenty others that you may not be aware of.

If you want to avoid potential hijacking of your personal information, consider RSS feeds in place of favorites. Consider two email addresses, one for personal and one when you want to do online sign-ups. The best way to avoid the adware is to add a get an anti-spyware removal program on your computer. That’s the only way to be certain that your computer is protected.

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