WildMedia.Winpage Removal Information

The adware program called WildM edia.Winpage is best known for hijacking your homepage in Internet Explorer. This program has gone through several updates and revisions since its first release in April of 2005.

WildMedia.Winpage is very difficult to get rid of. The trace files are usually stored in Program Files in the “Homepage” folder. The difficulty is with all the different versions that have been released. Some files have the BHO name of “WinPage Blocker” and “CWinPageIEExtension Object”. Please note, that this is not affiliated with “WinPage Affiliate”.

With all the different versions and the complexity of this program, we suggest you use a great anti-spyware product like SpyZooka to protect yourself. SpyZooka has a 100% guarantee and a free scan. Try it today!

WildMedia.Winpage file contents:


Known As:

WinPage Blocker
CWinPageIEExtension Object

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