Win32.ByShell is a root kit Trojan. Root kit Trojans are particularly nasty spyware. They work hard to hide their presence on your computer. They like to disguise themselves as legitimate programs and often call themselves names that are similar to legitimate programs. Generally, root kits open a backdoor for attackers. This way an attacker can gain unauthorized access to the infected computer without the user’s knowledge.

Win32.ByShell wreaks all kinds of havoc on your computer without you even knowing it. Click the button below to check for Win32.ByShell and any other hidden spyware on your computer. The scan is free.


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Random Names Designed to Hide its Presence

If SpyZooka finds spyware on your computer, you will want to remove it fast. Simply purchase a license good for one year. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee in addition to the 100% removal guarantee. Then click, “Take Action.” SpyZooka will remove all the spyware from your computer and protect your computer from future infection. Your personal information can be protected in a matter of minutes.

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  1. Sonja J. says:

    I got infected about a week ago with Win32.ByShell, while I was downloading a shockwave update. It blocked Internet Explorer and Mozilla and I had to call a friend for some help. After installing SpyZooka my computer is like new. Great job!

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