Winiguard – Three Steps To Take When Winiguard Comes To Visit!

Winiguard is one of these rogue antispyware programs out there today that try and con you into buying software to “fix” your supposed computer problems, namely that your machine is now rife with all manner of viruses and spyware, and could soon be toast of you don’t do something about it right now! They convince many less savvy computer users to whip out their credit cards and buy these fixes, even though all they really will do in the end is to create even more problems! Here are three steps you should do to try and get a handle on your computer’s security and further damage your system all because of Winiguard and programs like it.

The first thing to do is not to fall for the scam offered by Winiguard. They will make it very convincing to try and get you to buy, but you need to know that Winiguard is itself the major part of your systems problems, and take it from there. The only thing that you will accomplish by downloading the Winiguard “fix” onto your machine is to dump yet more, usually more harmful spyware, adware and fraudware into it!

Next, make sure that you take your computer off any networks that you may be on. If you are sharing information with others, it would be so easy to pass this beast along, and you’ll lose friends fast! Sharing is a good thing, but not when it comes to Winiguard  and others like it!

Then last but not least, make sure you don’t attempt to kill this parasite by yourself but instead employ an expert. I’m talking about legitimate antispyware software. An average human trying to delete Winiguard, and other spyware like it, is almost always an exercise in futility. These kinds of programs are very stealthy and quite adept at replicating themselves. A top antispyware software solution will do the trick, and the best one I’m aware of is called SpyZooka.

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