XP Protection Center is nothing like XP Security Center

XP Protection Center is a particularly devious program.  It’s a rogue security program, much like all the rest.  The big difference with this one, however, is that it more completely disguises itself as a part of a Windows operating system than any of the others that dare try.  The trouble is that the camouflage isn’t entirely complete, as it still yet is a rogue security tool.

Rogue security programs are a particular type of Internet parasite that take an ordinary spyware infection and gives it a mission.  This mission is nothing less than scamming normal users out of their money, and perhaps their identity.  They all do this under the guise of being a helpful program, and XP Protection Center is probably the most crafty this way.

While many corrupt security tools can be easily seen for what they are, there is a particular group of them that try to convince you that they’re actually part of your system.  They can effectively get past the knowledge that if you didn’t install it, it’s an infection.  XP Protection Center is particularly good at this, since it can be easily mistaken to be the XP Security Center.  Once the differences between the two are illustrated, it should be easy to see through this facade.

First of all, the XP Security Center only monitors certain security features.  These are your firewall, automatic updates and antivirus.  If one, two or all three of these are disabled, it will let you know by showing an icon in your tool tray.  It does not, as XP Protection Center professes, tell you if you have a malware infection, and certainly not with a pop-up feature.

Secondly, the Security Center comes as fully updated as it’s going to be as part of your Windows operating system.  The XP Protection Center is contracted through downloading infected files on corrupt websites.  It also demands that you pay an exorbitant amount of money to upgrade from a mere spyware infection to a spyware infection with a computer scanning shell of a program.

Thirdly, the real Security Center does not scan your computer for anything, nor does it redirect your browser to any websites after doing so.  Not only does XP Protection Center do this, but the page it takes your computer’s browser to is infected as well.

If the actual Security Center needed to be updated or upgraded, it would happen with a regular automatic Windows update.  Or, if you don’t use automatic updates, it would be done at the Windows update website.  The web page for XP Protection Center, is, as I said, infected.  More than that, it’s also a sales page for the so-called XP Protection Center program, and it’s not in the Windows network!  Any and all Windows programs would be taken care of there, and not on some page away from the Microsoft site.

Of course, knowledge of corrupt security tools can not prevent infections.  They can only prevent the rip off that these infections lead to.  To actually prevent or remove infections by programs like XP Protection Center, you need the best antispyware program available.  SpyZooka is the only one that can back a 100% removal guarantee.  That’s what makes us the best.

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